This workshop teaches the basics of kettlebell techniques to beginners. No kettlebell experience required.

Beginner Workshop
3 hours in length
Early bird $149
Regular $199

We will cover:

  • bell safety

  • variations of bells

  • variations of kettlebell movements

  • warm-up and mobility exercises

  • breathing

  • fat burning workouts and more!  

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Do you want compete in Kettlebell Sport?? 

Learn all the techniques used by World Champions!

KB Sport Workshop
4 hours in length
Early Bird $199
Regular $249

You will learn:

  • The Jerk

  • Long Cycle

  • Snatch

  • How to power your back

  • Breathing 

  • Common errors

  • How to chalk the bell

  • Programming variations

  • Ins and outs of competing and more!  

If you are competing or thinking about competing in Kettlebell Sport, this is a MUST do!!  

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