The United Kettlebell Academy trains and certifies kettlebell lifters; from beginners to sport competitors to those who aspire to coach.  They strive to ensure that all of their trainees and coaches have all the support they need to succeed.  The United Kettlebell Academy is passionate about kettlebells; they are committed to their beginners, the advancement of sport competitors and building strong coaches all across Canada and around the world.

Created by Misty Shearer and Lisa Pitel-Kllah, the UKA has revolutionized kettlebell certifications with their Mentorship Program.  This program provides support, long after the face to face training is complete.  The UKA includes full video links to all topics covered in all certifications in their online portal and it is fully accessible to graduates for life.


**PLUS......private FB groups for all levels gives coaches the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and have discussions.  The UKA is passionate and committed to their coaches; to ensure they are effective, confident and the absolute best they can be.